Nordic Lights EXTENDED

Windows that emit light long after the sun has set?
A micro home that automatically adapts to its surroundings and their lighting situation? 

ALED DAYLIGHT an award-winning self-illuminating glass technology, facilitates new forms of intelligent architecture. Completely transparent in its inactive state, natural daylight can be used with no loss in performance; at night the glass itself becomes a light source offering daylight-like illumination at the touch of a button.

The lighting situation adapts automatically to the micro home’s surrounding
Artificial daylight even at night or in winter

The LIGHTHOUSE micro home concept was created to illustrate new forms of intelligent architecture and the full potential of the technology. Automatically reacting to its surroundings and their lighting conditions, this ‘light-emitting’ home would be a paradigm shift, and not merely for the Nordic countries.

Designed as a modular system that can be assembled anywhere even at remote places and powered by in-glass solar panels that make the micro home totally self-sufficient.

Based on a modular and self-sustaining system


Architectural / Product Design, Technology / Innovation Strategy

Timeline: 2017-2019

Status: Prototype / Concept

Visualisation: IMAGINIS