NEW FACTORIES will aim to be available to all citizens in the form of centres with a democratic infrastructure. This challenge is aimed specifically at cities and municipalities in order to promote local production. 

In future, NEW FACTORIES will combine very diverse production processes, i.e. with the help of new technologies (INSTANT-MADE), classical workshops (SELF-MADE), recycling and disassembling (RE-USE) as well as industrial production (PRE-MADE), in one location, resulting in a variety of new products.

At the same time, this project has already identified an existing range of products with DIY potential.

Community production in the context of NEW FACTORIES is likely to create greater potential through the use of local resources and value creation outside the traditional gainful employment model.

The project was showcased at the VIENNA BIENNALE 2015 and the ‘2051 Smart Life in the City exhibition, as well as at the VIENNA BIENNALE 2017 which was built around the theme Stadtfabrik [city factory]. It also came second place in the City of Vienna’s CityHype Award, collaborating with Thomas Schneider and the NewWork NewCulture (NANK) initiative of Prof. Frithjof Bergmann.

In 2017, NANK began building a real-life laboratory on the “Grüne Markt” in Vienna.


Community Innovation, Social Design

Status: Ongoing

Partner: NANK / NewWork NewCulture

Photography: Thomas Schneider