From accelerating new ideas to creative sense-making



Innovation Design

From first sketch to prototype to market-ready product. Combining design methods with a wide-range of innovation and entrepreneurial tools to gain a holistic view on new solutions.


Vision, strategy and impact visualization

Making visions, strategy processes or impact topics tangible through creative techniques. Communicate differently with your target audience with inspiring visuals.


Exploring and building different futures

Discovering new future potentials, seeing the bigger picture, explore alternative future scenarios. Experience co-creative formats like ‚Futures Literacy‘ by UNESCO.


Challenging new technologies

Explore new technology use-cases, through futures-thinking and speculative design and gain long-term insights through new forms of visual tech-roadmapping.


Accelerate creative ideas

Taking the best from entrepreneurship, innovation and creative methods and transforming them into multi-disciplinary learning formats. Combining radical creativity with hands-on implementation.


Support for your venture

Offering a wide range of services for start-ups, ranging from strategy, design to business modeling and fundraising. Offering special cooperation models, especially for early-stage ventures.

IMAGINIS is a multidisciplinary practice working with futures, creativity & design and a start-up mindset in order to imagine different realities for cities, mobility, new technologies, communities and much more.


Help making complex challenges and topics understandible for many

Foster the imagination towards desirable futures

Drawing the bigger picture

Envisioning new technology use-cases that generate positive impact

Support young founders & changemakers on their mission

Strengthen the role of creativity in interdisciplinary cooperations


Everybody talks about the importance of creativity and imagination in tackling today’s most pressing problems.

But how can we really use our collective creative power in creating change?

IMAGINIS is both the result as well as an ongoing process in answering this question. Combining design and innovation methods, futures thinking with a radical can-do and start-up spirit.

IMAGINIS was founded by Felix Zabel, an ambitious dreamer and builder with a multi-disciplinary background in entrepreneurship, sustainability and creativity. See full bio