Share your factory & the 1HWork index

Together with NANK, a civil society initiative founded by Prof. Frithjof Bergmann, ‘SHARE YOUR FACTORY’ explores the possibilities of democratic urban infrastructure and a new block-chain based index for evaluating the true value of work.

SHARE YOUR FACTORY”  wins award from the Vienna Business Agency and is selected among the most promising ideas for the city for tomorrow.

Already in 2011 the project started (under the title “New Factories”) as a research about participatory design practices and later developed into a larger scenario about democratic urban factories. Theseshared facilities should connect different production processes under one roof,with the help of new technologies (Instant-Made), classical workshops (Hand-Made), recycling and disassembling (Re-Use) as well as industrial production for single parts (Pre-Made)and thus enable people to produce a wide range of products themselves.

After being exhibited in several exhibitions, the concept was tested in a real-life laboratory for several months including a pop-up factory on the road. Ever since the project is evolving, including ideas for a large shared factory facility, a medium-size pop-up facility (container), a mobile production unit on a cargo bike and factory-kits that could be delivered to every home. Complemented by a shared-knowledge platform and an online market place for additional services.


Recently NANK also started to envision the “1 H WORK INDEX”, in this project the value of 1 h of work of more than 300 professions should be captured and benchmarked through a block-chain system. Resulting ideally in a more objective and transparent way of assessing the value of work.

Learn more about the project from IMAGINIS and NANK as well as about the “NewWork NewCulture manifesto” from Prof. Frithjof Bergmann in the link section.


NewWork NewCulture (DE)

New Factories Project (EN)

Photo Credits: Thomas Schneider