1HWORK @ Ars Electronica
The exhibition at the Kepler’s Gardens in Linz showcased how blockchain can contribute to a fairer remuneration of work and invited the public to engage in a necessary dialogue about something that concerns mostly everybody: the value of work.
What does fair social and technological knowledge transfer look like, and how can it be attractively linked to the value of work? Creative collaborative production needs a fair model of synchronisation, hierarchy and remuneration, and it should be cool. The 1HWork Index is blockchain-based, feeds from numerous databases and should capture and benchmark the value of work of more than 300 professions through a block-chain system in order to promote a fairer remuneration of work.
With the 1HWork currency in one’s wallet, one can then redeem rapid prototyping-machine hours, workshop time-expert hours and/or re-use components. The prototypes for this: arteQ as an art NFT community, and a new recruiting platform developed in the social design process that matches the strengths of workers with the needs of companies in the job search. The exhibition put together by Thomas Schneider from NewWork NewCulture / NANK Co:llaboratory featured contributions by Marina Freccia, Felix Zabel, Tore Minte, Wolfgang Fiel, ArtèQ and EOOS Next. ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL Photo Credits: vog.photo, Thomas Schneider