Creating the bigger picture

We live in a fast-changing world, and understanding the challenges of the 21st century and its complex correlations is more difficult than ever. What role can design and creative tools play in translating complex strategies, eco-systems and important facts into an experience that is fun and easy to engage?

Most of us have an urge to understand the world around us and along the driving forces (from climate change to digital transformation) that will shape our world in the future.

But although we have unprecedented access to knowledge, why is it so hard to make sense of it? Why is it so hard to arrive at a holistic understanding of the bigger picture?

What if we could transform complex strategies, correlated problems and important data into something that is so easy and straightforward to understand that even children can make sense of it, or our youth on Instagram?

Scientific research need to based on profound standards and  necessary formats like research papers, but tranforming it into a visual language and explaining it to a wider audience there lies a big potential. Design and creative tools can help link our intellectual understanding with our intuitive comprehension.

It is proven that visual content is analyzed many times faster than written one, and in order to keep up with a fast-paced world and new forms of content, we need new ways to deliver key learnings quickly. If we want relevant papers to be read by more than a handful of experts and important data to become ‘mainstream’, we need to rethink existing formats and channels.


Categories: Impact & Data Visualisation / Visual Storytelling

Date: 2021-ongoing

Visualisation: IMAGINIS