From Cars to Mobility

No matter wether you love contemporary automobile designs, but have you ever wondered why modern electric vehicles still follow classic car-making principles even though under-the-bonnet engines will be a thing of the past?

This triggered us to look further and to take a look at future concepts for autonomous driving that go beyond the existing approaches. Furthermore to explore how new technologies will shape car design in the future and how mobility solutions will look like that close the gap between passenger cars, car sharing, public transport and trains.

Autonomous vehicles moving on their own specially designed routes and lanes are laying the groundwork for a revolutionary new understanding of safety, lightweight construction methods and new materials. Cars are hailed or collected ON DEMAND only and can even be connected as a group or fleet. This could prevent traffic jams and significantly improve energy efficiency in future.

Autonomous vehicles also feature more spacious interiors that in future will resemble airline business class seating or first-class rail carriages. A front to rear glass passenger cabin will offer (360°) panoramic views with the visibility and transparency adjustable at the touch of a button.

Interiors spacious as business class flights


Visual Foresight, Product Design

Year: 2019

Status: Concept / Study

Visualisation: IMAGINIS