Connect the dots

How can we better understand regenerative scenarios and their complex correlations? Ranging from agriculture, building industry, mobility, energy, production etc.? What is the power of connecting different scenarios and use an interactive scenario building tool.

Designed for ENVISION the Connect the tools explores different scenarios that can been connected using a standardized template.

Autonomous self-driving cars and vehicles are laying the groundwork for holistic mobility concepts in this scenario.
Individual vehicles are used on-demand only and for the last-mile primarly, combined with trains and newly developed high-speed passenger capsules for long distance travel. Smart assistents provide seemless travel schedules.

In this scenario advanced fabrication processes enable fully circular manufacturing and closed product lifecycles. Products and materials are designed for disassembling and re-use. Advanced material and fabrication technology enables the transformation of regained materials into new parts and products without any loss of quality.


The challenge in designing visual scenarios lies compressing a large amount of complex information into a single image and reach maximum comprehensibility. Each scenario should be understandible without further textual explaination. This implies a reduction of elements, while still obtaining depth and richness in details.

Categories: Concept Development / Interface Design & Visualisation

Date: 2021