IMAGINIS is an innovation and design practice with a strong purpose.

Combining enthusiasm for new technologies with a critical attitude and using design to explore new solutions that generate positive impact on people and planet.

What is the role of creativity in shaping a different tomorrow?
IMAGINIS uses a holistic design approach (from product design to strategic design) combined with a broad range of innovation tools to come up with new products, services and even business models. 
How can we explore new technologies without any limits and a radical mindset using design tools to bring them on the ground?

IMAGINIS specializes in finding new use-cases for innovative technologies. Using innovation methods, prototyping and speculative design to come up with future products and applications. Facilitating long-term perspectives through new forms of visual tech-roadmapping and challenging technology in order to generate better impact on our lives.

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How can we make the future more tangible and draw the bigger picture?
In a world full of changes it’s more important than ever to foster the imagination and to address future challenges in an inspiring way. IMAGINIS specializes in developing a new visual language for future scenarios, visions and ideas for tomorrow, based on different methods like Speculative Design and Futures Literacy.
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How can we support new ideas and early-stage ventures with the best from different worlds?
IMAGINIS offers a wide range of services for start-ups, ranging from design services to business modeling and fundraising. Offering special cooperation models, especially for early-stage ventures.
If an idea would be a seed, how would you nurture it?

IMAGINIS as a future-oriented design and innovation consultancy provides a terrain to grow ideas into successful products, services and even ventures. 

To establish an ideal breading ground we provide services and insights from design, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability management. Operating strongly mission-driven with the focus of creating meaningful solutions for people and planet.

Before founding IMAGINIS, Felix Zabel has been a founder in the glass industry and start-up scene, making self-illuminating glass technology internationally known. He worked for several years on innovation projects with leading companies from the architecture, construction, automotive and consumer product industries and was named Austrian Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015Together with his company, Felix has won events like the AUDI-OSRAM Start-Up Jam, as well as received numerous industry awards (Iconic Award – Best of Best, German Design Award, Most Innovative Glass Product etc). He has a diverse educational background in industrial design, business and sustainability and is a certified innovation consultant.