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Windows that emit light long after the sun has set? A microhome that automatically adapts to its surroundings and their lighting situation?
A new self-illuminating glass technology facilitates new forms of intelligent architecture.




ALED Daylight is an award-winning self-illuminating glass technology. Completely transparent in its inactive state, natural daylight can be used with no loss in performance; at night the glass itself becomes a light source offering daylight-like illumination at the touch of a button.

DaylightControl was developed as a smart interface that allows the glass to be accurately controlled depending on the time of day. You can choose between a personalised daylight progression, biorhythm mode or pre-defined living and working environments. 

Alongside DaylightControl, the LightHouse microhome concept illustrating the potential of both technologies, was introduced for the first time. Automatically reacting to its surroundings and their lighting conditions, this ‘light-emitting’ home would be a paradigm shift, and not merely for the Nordic countries.


ALED Daylight has received several international technology awards (including the 'German Design Award' & 'Iconic Award - Best of Best' and ‘Most Innovative Glass Product’ by the US industry journal Glass Magazine). Leading innovation and development strategies, UX and interface design, as well as LightHouse concept and planning.

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