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Impact Compass

How are we going to navigate towards a ‘big transformation’? How can everybody be part of this and join on an individual change journey. Digitalisation could provide us with the necessary tools.



In 2019 the awareness of climate change finally reached a global momentum through the ‚Fridays for Future movement‘.

While the attention is high at this point of time, it is even more important to come up with intelligible solutions. While many rely on politicians and experts to act, there is still a noticeable gap of accessible knowledge for everybody, solutions for the everyday and a personal change journey that empowers individuals to act immediately and voluntarily.

Could a social media platform for sustainability be the missing link?

The Impact Compass project should result in a crowd sourcing project to define the platforms key functionalities.

And could contain features such as:
- A knowledge base (WIKI) and data visualization tools
- Internal opinion research for agenda setting
- Creating personal change journeys with the help of automated questionaires and surveys
- Scenario building tools connected with game design
- Social media tools to build communities, groups and facilitate challenges
- Online donation and crowd funding

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