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Vision leads creation,
creation leads realization.

In a world of constant and ever faster change, it is often no longer enough to simply just react, it is becoming increasingly important to take an active role in shaping the future...

IMAGINIS offers a broad perspective for meeting this challenge based on a background in entrepreneurship and start-ups, technology development, innovation management, industrial design and sustainability.

Instead of preparing reports and coming up with catchphrases, concrete intelligible ideas for products, services and entire systems are our mission. Design forms the link between disciplines and appropriate tools, transforming ambitious visions into a clear language and shape for all involved.

Steering clear of convention. Working with start-ups, SMEs, corporates and institutional partners, the aim of IMAGINIS is to compile unexpected results and anticipate the long-term future.

Visual foresighting

Manifest technology

Start-Up support

Nobody can precisely predict the future. But recently the role of foresight has gained an important role to navigate through unknown waters. While foresighting is usually abstract (resulting in reports and predicting future trends), IMAGINIS has specialised in  translating these abstract scenarios in a clear visual language (including scenarios for cutting-edge-technology, R&D roadmaps, vision & mission story-telling).

A burning interest in new technologies from early stage to ready-to-market. The strength of IMAGINIS lies in transferring technologies into use cases and product ideas as well as roadmaps for the next few years. 

IMAGINIS is supporting new ventures in business modeling, marketing, innovation processes and financing (applying for public funding or developing investment pitch decks).
With a special emphasis on projects with added social or environmental value (Impact Ventures).

Felix Zabel is on occasions also offering time-based management. He has taken part in several start-up mentoring programs.

Challenge innovation

Visual DNA & identities

Strategic design & Product design

Science vs. Punk.  The spectrum ranges from implementing processes with experienced trend analysis and innovation management consultants to working with creatives and lateral thinkers.

With a strong background in innovation and product development IMAGINIS is creating visual identities that are deeply rooted in the companies DNA. There we offer strategic consulting as well as a wide range of design services (from product to digital) with a strong emphasis on a holistic approach.

IMAGINIS helps strengthening creative processes in companies and also takes on various design tasks in cooperation with a broad network of talented designers, filmmakers and illustrators.


IMAGINIS was founded as an interdisciplinary agency with the aim of bringing technological progress, market requirements and social change under the one banner.

Felix Zabel has been a founder in the glass industry and start-up scene, making self-illuminating glass technology internationally known. He worked for several years on innovation projects with leading companies from the architecture, construction, automotive and consumer products industries and was named Austrian Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015Together with his company, Felix has won events like the AUDI-OSRAM Start-Up Jam, as well as numerous industry awards (Iconic Award - Best of Best, German Design Award, Most Innovative Glass Product, etc). A lateral thinker, he has a diverse educational background in industrial design, innovation management, business and sustainability.

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